April 2, 2023

THE ‘FEAR’ THAT anybody can be infected – or else: can infect, is virtually a strong feeling amongst us all – in our areas respective, in the Philippines, in the whole world. For
FACT OF THE matter, nobody knows he is a carrier – or not.. until rapid or swab-tested. But records show:
EVEN THOSE TESTED – found and later declared as (Covid) ‘Positive’.. much later on, are rendered ‘Negative’.
FURTHERMORE, THERE ARE those they call ‘assymptomatic’ – meaning ‘showing no symptoms’ at all (?).
[SOUNDS LIKE OLD Logic – there are propositions which are True; some, False, but many too are Indeterminate, i.e. unknown, needs verification – or even verifiable vs. unverifiable e.g. the ‘consistently assymptomatic but are mild or inaccute cases’, sec? But]
UNLIKE LOGIC WHICH can stop(!) – and Proceed to another topic once a proposition is declared Indeterminate (not T, not F, but I), this cannot be done with the yet unconfirmed case;
THE ‘PROCESS’ HAS to continue until such case is declared: [confirmed] ‘Positive’; therefore to be treated as one – until he recovers; or, [confirmed] ‘Negative’; therefore, to be discharged from hospital custody, to undergo home quarantine, or what have you? Still,
SOME QUARTERS QUESTION: was the process done on the case or individual, a correct, or ‘right’ one?
[USUALLY, WHEN THE Process, Treatment, or Advice results in the ‘recovery’ of the Patient, nobody questions; nobody minds, ergo the Process(es) applied are valid – for most, or all, incoming cases? At this stage].’
FEAR – THAT FEAR emerges in you again! And you tell him or her who is listening to the discussion of the ‘processes’, the questions these generate, etc., and he looks at you and says:
“THE SITUATION IS really fearsome. Nakakatakot, nobody knows how he can be safe – always from the attack or infection!” You impassionately reply:
‘INDEED, INDEED. I’M afraid myself. I can’t recommend anything except, we – or our being all the time careful – Ingat lagi, and to have Faith in the Almighty, to deliver us from this Pandemic. Bye now, and see you later.’
SEE? YOU MAY have different ‘plans for the Day’ in mind, but the Fear that the virus can be ‘just anywhere’ – and again: as you remember what people say – ‘experts and non-experts alike: “the virus is deadly and no vaccine nor cure is found yet”.
BUT IF ‘FEAR’ for the same is a sort-of ‘cure’, because, with Fear: one is always reminded the virus can not just be overlooked (meaning unfeared, in the local languages); one is always updated with the recent findings about the virus, one therefore takes all necessary steps and ‘protocols’ – to prevent himself from being a ‘victim’ – out of carelessness, defiance per se; even ignorance? (Do you ignore.. or let fly high, the things people warn about the virus – for reasons obvious only to yourself?). But
PAUSING – AS WE always should, in times of great Urgency and Reflections,
COULD ‘FEAR’ BE taught – or learned by everybody? Maybe not, but this current fear we are experiencing – it keeps us seek the comfort, assuaging words; and the needed bond from others for our own preservation, from the fearsome virus! Ayuhh!