December 8, 2023

Let’s start with a prayer for healing and belief: “Dear Lord, I come humbly before You asking You to heal me in every area of my life. I give You my heart in faith that You can make me whole and praise Your name. Jesus, I believe that You are my healer and redeemer! I love You, Jesus. Amen.” (from the internet)

Thinking out loud: It’s not that many people of the Cordillera do not want or are against autonomy per se, it’s more of being fearful of who will become its leaders should it become so. What do you think? Keep safe and God bless.

It was the late great U.S. President John F. Kennedy who exhorted his fellow Americans “to ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country”. Tragic that he, like his brother Robert after him, was felled by an assassin’s bullet. I guess tokhang also occurs in the good ole U.S. of A Just kidding.
Anyway, this near-sighted Ibaloy writer believes that Kennedy’s immortal words can apply to everyone. As citizens of this beautiful archipelago of delicious coconuts and smiling carabaos, especially now with the Chinese virus (Covid-19) pandemic upon us, we could help the government by taking personal responsibility for our own health. The government, no matter how wonderful it is, cannot do everything for us.
How do we do this? Well, we can religiously follow minimum health protocols like frequent hand washing, wearing of masks, and practicing physical distancing without having to be continuously reminded to do so. We should also stay at home when we do not have any essential travel and not play “cat and mouse” with authorities. Personal responsibility. Huwag pasaway. That’s the key.

FYI: Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr., after going through triage, visited the Baguio Contact Tracing Operations Center on Aug. 1. National Task Force Head of Contact Tracing Mayor Benjie Magalong briefed the spokesperson on the process flow of contact tracing and the diagnostics being employed as adopted by the NTF.
The spokesperson commended the strategic approach of the mayor and his team in addressing the Covid-19 cases in Baguio.

Here’s “Aggression” by Meena Kandasamy: “Ours is a silence/ that waits. Endlessly waits./
And then, unable to bear it/ any further, it breaks into wails./ But not all suppressed reactions/ end in our bemoaning the tragedy./ Sometimes,/ the outward signals/ of inward struggles takes colossal forms/
And the revolution happens because our dreams explode./ Most of the time:/ Aggression is the best kind of trouble-shooting.”