May 24, 2024

(Editors’ note: The Courier is reprinting the columns of the late Atty. Benedicto T. Carantes as a tribute to one of its long-time columnists. This piece was published on April 21, 2019)

Like you and I, Jesus was born of flesh and blood.
In His growing up years, He was an obedient son who helped His foster father Joseph, with His carpentry work, and did chores for His mother, without needing to be told.
On one occasion His parents went looking for Him because He didn’t come home for the day, and was found in a temple, exchanging notes and views with church elders. You would think He should have been out with friends chasing the girls, having a smoke, and sharing a few drinks.
After all, like I said, He, too, was possessed of human emotions.

Letting His temper get the better of Him, He drove away the merchants selling wares near or around a church – with a whiplash no less.
And He wept when told that His friend, Lazarus, had died.
Grief and anger. But what about love?
Like all men born with a good heart, Jesus deeply loved His mother, and she loved Him just as deeply.
The bond between mother and son was from beginning to end, from the manger to Calvary, and when Jesus resurrected to heaven, she wept for joy. A reborn life, a mission accomplished.

But were there other women in Jesus life? Only Mary Magdalene is mentioned, she whom Jesus saved from being stoned to death by an angry mob.
And when Judas scolded Magdalene from using too much oil while rubbing the feet of Jesus, He retorted, “What, you will deny me my little oil?”
Rebuked by his master, Judas sold him out for 30 pieces of silver.
Or did he also want Jesus out of the way, so he could have Magdalene for himself?
Did Judas hang himself because of guilt, or was he likewise rebuked by Magdalene?
Difficult to read the script when women are involved.

But if Magdalene was Jesus’ great true love apart from His mother, why wasn’t she beside Him during Calvary ordeal? Instead she stayed with His mother, providing solace and comfort.
And if it wasn’t Jesus’ own wedding at Cana, why was He playing host by changing the water into wine upon His mother’s request?
He would have said to Mary, “Go tell the newlyweds.” Or maybe He was the newlywed.
And where was Jesus, who, upon reaching adulthood, went incognito, resurfacing only at age 30. That’s almost a 10-year gap.
Sowing His wild oats maybe. Or maybe He just went backpacking, to the South of France, or probably just goofing off until the time came for Him to spread His Father’s Word.
But enough said. Today is Easter Sunday.
The Lord is risen, and the Christian world rejoices.
Enjoy what’s left of summer, which seems to have ended even before it began.
The rains are early, and Pagasa said it will be hotter in June.
Hey, go to church, kneel, pray, do the Stations of the Cross. With Catholic duties done, time to ogle all the pretty girls, in abundance in Baguio this time of year.
Happy Easter.