July 21, 2024

When we hear the word disability, the first thing that comes to mind is the condition of being physically impaired and mentally disturbed. We think of the people who are blind, mute, deaf, and crippled. We also think of those who suffer from mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome, among other disorders.
The thing is bad attitude is the only disability in life. We know a bad attitude comes in different forms. It can block opportunities for achieving success in life.
What causes this disability? I believe it is because of greed – the thirst for power and wealth. A person who has this disability can screw up the whole world. The destruction starts within oneself. Like a virus, it is unseen but is slowly infecting its host. If you don’t uproot it right away, it will eventually destroy your life. A bad attitude brings a negative impact.
Sycophants (sipsip) are a case in point. They present themselves as charming persons. They conceal their disability by being kind-hearted, giving extravagant praises and compliments to powerful and rich people, but in reality, these gestures are done for personal gain. They are not sincere. They are angels in disguise. Take precautions because some carriers of this virus do not manifest signs. They live like everyone else. But we know they are inflicted with it when they start ruining human relationships.
The great news for the carriers of this virus is that this condition is not permanent. It costs you no cents to overcome this disability. You do not need to take medications to heal. You can overturn this disability by seeking the wisdom of God. You can renew your life by acknowledging your shortcomings and taking steps to show repentance. You are the only one who can restore your dignity and build a better and peaceful life. Don’t shatter your life and dreams with the avarice that you created for yourself.
Don’t get paralyzed with a self-inflicted virus and being despised by the world. God has given you precious life to collect not the treasures of the world but rather all the honor and glory of the Lord.
Are you suffering from this disability? Are you one of the carriers of this virus? If yes, you belong to the most vulnerable. Your disability can be harmful to society.
Let’s help get rid of this disability. The children should see a ray of hope of human relationships being valued. You’ll see, the people can heave a sigh of relief and hope for better days. (ANNALYN CUDLI)