May 29, 2024

I have come across two books – one written by Catherine Ponder on the “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” and one written by a Filipino author on almost the same topic, typewritten even, sometime in the ‘70s.
Then there is this documentary called “The Secret” and the teachings of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. It all tells us of the power of the mind, the heart and the emotions.
“What the mind can perceive, the body can achieve.” “Thoughts become things.” What you think, focus on, or desire constantly, can and will manifest. So, if you focus on positive things with passion and great emotion, positive things will happen. If you think of negative things, it will happen as well.
Because we live in uncertain times, we have been bombarded with news about illnesses, diseases, frustration, and hopelessness. We have been put in an invisible cage of fear of the unknown. We have been given the thought that the enemy is so huge and conquering it is an indomitable task.
But God is everywhere and in our midst. He is around us and inside us. With all the negative news around, we become incapable of movement. The fear has battered our foundation of happiness. The simple things that make us happy, like going out to enjoy the sunshine, to see faces, to embrace life or to eat our favorite food has become a burden.
The things that we laugh at before like meeting friends, saying hello by nudging with our elbows or feet have become a reality. The big smile that we give to everyone as a symbol of our happiness has been concealed by a mask and a face shield. The shaking of hands as a sign of friendship has disappeared.
But then sometimes we forget that we have a great God. He is also invisible and can envelop us in His protective embrace. Can there be anything greater than Him?
Going back to “The Secret,” the law of attraction is the secret. We are like magnets, attracting all the things we think about, to us, whether they are positive or negative. The emotion becomes greater because of the need. In these uncertain times, health is wealth. We all want to be healthy and Covid-19-free.
You would think that after eight months of quarantine and lockdown, people would change. The ruckus in the House of Representatives is an example.
So, let them be. Focus on your own happiness. Focus on love. Focus on your family. Be happy, be grateful, be a giver. Above all, think about God, think love, think positive.
May I greet the following people a happy birthday: Kidlat Tahimik, Anna and Aina Eriksson, Nashi my son, Kawayan my nephew, former mayor Mauricio Domogan, sir Orly Abinion, Anna Sionosa and my husband Ed, Pete de Jesus, Glenna Banta, Rannjie Agan, Janet Lu, and Cita Yan.
October will pass, Christmas will not be far behind. And from the great beyond, love to mama Chul and Ben Andaya.