June 24, 2024
  1. There is no violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards when a City Hall official flaunts in social media the gifts and tokens he received from good friends.
  2. Many young learners complain of eye and vision problems due to prolonged use of computers and other digital equipment as a requirement in their daily online classes.
  3. DepEd must acknowledge, not ignore the errors in the learning modules posted in social media, as learners deserve better after huge funds were used for these modules.
  4. This early, three ranking military and police officers have signified their willingness to serve the government with ranks of Cabinet officials after their retirement from service.
  5. The new government policy before one secures a driver’s license is a money-making scheme, as it does not assure more disciplined and defensive motorists in the future.
  6. Several LGUs without established protocols concerning mass public transport are having a serious problem in contact tracing when a passenger caught the Covid-19 virus.
  7. The separation of the executive and legislative powers is still observed by this ranking politician while doubling as the greatest secretary for the highest official of the land.
  8. Even with permission from the national IATF, the use of antigen rapid test in Baguio remains a contentious issue in terms of its reliability to test possible Covid-19 carriers.
  9. The military is not behind the proliferation of letters written supposedly by fictitious individuals, who condemn the recruitment of minors by the underground movement.
  10. Internet service providers only respond to queries for new connections but ignore
    countless complaints from subscribers on poor connection and customer service.
  11. It is not considered safe when illegal numbers games have resumed in some LGUs despite the threat of Covid pandemic even as bettors also observe physical distancing.
  12. Bar owners, who are likewise greatly impacted by the pandemic are hopeful they will soon operate as they would also strictly observe protocols such as physical distancing.