December 2, 2023

One year into the pandemic, people are still stuck in their houses. Lockdown is an effective way to combat the spread of the virus. Everyone has to submit.
As everyone needs to stay home, televisions, mobile games, social media, and milk tea among other things help keep people from stress during these tough times. For students whose routines are modules and online classes, it’s definitely tiring.
The pandemic brought so much impact than we could imagine. However, who would have thought that music is silently healing us towards recovery during this pandemic?
The world’s biggest music streaming platform, Spotify, increased in active monthly users to about 345 million users by the end of last year. The numbers clearly suggest how people cling to music in this time of uncertainty. Even before, music is one way of escaping the harsh reality and creating a world in which negativity will not be accommodated. During this time where social distancing is highly encouraged, music is the intangible force that draws people closer. Some may not realize it, but simply getting your phone, putting your headphones on, and relaxing and feeling the vibe, is a manifestation of how music can become a human’s resting place. It is a place where everyone feels secured, unbothered of whatever life will throw at you.
It is through music that people get to speak to one another. It is the universal language. It allows you to become fluent and able to communicate to everyone.
Today’s generation can testify how music clearly speaks with them. The moment one hears the beautiful melody, it sustains the missing part that would fill the gap and connects you to a mutual ideal you and the music only knew. Surely, you made friends by just listening to the same music. It’s like a union of two people, a holy matrimony that would bind you into eternity with one another. Who would have thought that music salvaged humans from the verge of greater annihilation?
Today, people are vulnerable and prone not only to viruses but also to loneliness and hopelessness, which no one would ever want. Many struggle to grasp hope and light, and find answers to unending questions. Some of them were uplifted by music. It served as a companion you do not expect you needed. In these times, we realize music is one reason for having survived. It is not just something you hear, you feel it. What would it be like facing today’s crisis without music? (GAD XAVIER SAVELLANO)