June 24, 2024

“Be still and know that I am God at work at the situation now.” Psalm 46:10
This verse made me reread Catherine Ponder’s book on “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” written about 60 years ago and given to me by my cousin Patricia 40 years ago. It has been my guide through the ups downs of my life, whether it concerns family, health, financial matters or travel. It is full of Biblical quotes and really an uplifting book. The book is almost worn out now. Ponder wrote this book in the ‘60s at the lowest point in her life, widowed with a young son to support and with no job experience. She was experiencing depression, financial lack, loneliness, and failure – until she realized that the right use of the mind could reverse everything.
“What I think I am, I am.” The power of I am. Everything happens in the mind first, before it is manifested in whatever tangible or intangible forms or results. Your thoughts and emotions create your desires. If you think you are happy, you are. If you think you are successful, you will be. If you think you are beautiful, you are. If you think you are a failure, you will be. If you are fearful, the more uncertainties you will encounter – the more afraid you will become. Thoughts are plastic or malleable to our desires and join the universe in forming the output. If we are to change for the better, we must change our attitudes and thoughts.
Hindi ba, kung may gusto kang isang bagay, at gustong gusto mo talaga, madalas nagiging totoo? Nakikipag-ugnayan ang ating diwa (spirit or consciousness) sa diwa ng sansinukob (universe).
Ponder explains in her book that to prosper means “to flourish, to succeed, to thrive, and to express favorable results.” It means getting over all the negativities that surround us. It takes a lot of effort to deliberately get our mind to focus on positive things, especially if we are bombarded with the sad news of death, sickness, misdeeds, hunger, disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic.
God is the source of our prosperity and the creator of the universe. We must believe that with our prosperous thoughts, we can overcome our inequities in our physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Some may say, it is easier said than done. It is really all up to you; if you want to be defeated or if you want to overcome. We must make a giant effort to put a stop to failure thoughts.
Also, to be prosperous, you must be prepared to give. “You cannot get something from nothing.” There is always something to give or share whether tangible or intangible. A smile, a helping hand, a prayer, a compliment, a flower, or a snack will always brighten someone’s day. Touch the lives of others. The law of radiation and attraction requires us to toss negative thoughts away. What you sow, you reap. So if you think positively, positive things will come your way also. We are like magnets in the universe. Be still and know God is in our midst.
Happy 111th birthday, Baguio. We join you in your “Angat tayo Baguio!” campaign.
Happy birthday to my sister Teresa Yra. Here’s to wishing you all a more prosperous Baguio.

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