May 22, 2024
  1. The city must adopt a policy barring pedestrians from eating while walking at CBD to ensure they wear face mask at all times to avoid the transmission.
  2. Some quarters wonder why the amounts donated by private donors in line with the anti-Covid-19 response of this LGU is not being disclosed for transparency.
  3. News that the working class is the most vulnerable sector during the Covid-19 pandemic prove that bread winners will risk their lives for their families to survive.
  4. Countless parents wonder why students are being made to pay miscellaneous fees, such as library and socio-cultural fees, when most classes are held online.
  5. It’s a waste of time and taxpayers’ money for the government to investigate the supposed ‘revolutionary government’ proponents, who are actually non-existent.
  6. The public wonder why an establishment is not requiring its concerned tenant to close store for disinfection after some workers tested positive for Covid-19.
  7. This public utility firm which offers faster Internet speed needs to improve its customer service standards so as not ruin the integrity of its partner cooperative.
  8. There is a noticeable decline among lotto bettors nationwide due to the alleged graft and corruption involving former PCSO officials, not due to the pandemic.
  9. There is good reason why a politician is again linked to the mass resignation of personnel of another influential leader, who has close allies in Malacañang.
  10. Concerned individuals and groups wonder what happened to the cases filed against the man who caused public nuisance by noisily and speedily driving his car in May.
  11. A well-respected leader is mulling a political comeback after receiving numerous complaints of alleged graft and corrupt practices by an incumbent political leader.
  12. Several individuals enjoy shopping, courtesy of the countless P500-worth gift checks from this establishment that is raking in money despite the pandemic.