July 14, 2024

“Normal” may have changed its description as we are expecting a post-Covid-19 society in the near future. No one could have ever thought this pandemic would confine most of us into a limited space for months, hoping that this will not last for a year or more.
The most terrifying fact is that the threat is invisible. We never know how far or how near it is to us. Human as we are, we become vulnerable when it’s the unseen that we try to deal with.
The pandemic affected the economy, which saw a decline. Transportations slowed down, businesses halted, agency operations restricted, and education has to be adjusted. Stories of the unfortunate situations of individuals who lost their sources of income, including those who were stranded here and abroad flooded us. A lot of families are grieving due to the deaths. Still, the ghostly menace continues to create a perilous maze.
Amidst all these inconveniences we have to cope with, we cannot set aside the truth about the positive edge of this pandemic. Healthcare was prioritized more than ever; family bonds became even closer as their time with each other increased; safety and protection of the community was monitored more often. We have seen generous hearts reaching out to the less fortunate. Citizens learned to follow protocols for a more systematized interactions.
This battle against the crisis taught us to reexamine and redirect our goals in life. We became conscious of our savings and expenses, as we address to our immediate needs more than our wants. The confinement also gives us spare time to reminisce, as we plan for a better future.
Indeed, the appalling situations are being highlighted, thus we tend to notice how some of our cycles and perspectives have favorably changed. Perhaps less ranting and more motivating vibes can help lighten the weight of our condition’s burden.
We are at war against an unseen enemy. Aside from careful adherence to procedures and health protocols, this is the best time to turn to the most powerful unseen existence that can ever shield us from whatever threats we are in. Neither the latest technology nor a newly-discovered medicine can completely protect us. They have limitations and expirations. We all need saving, and we are given the choice to where or whom we run for a safe haven. — Kathleen K. Padsingan