March 3, 2024
  1. A self-styled politician is leading the race for the most irritating moron during the Covid-19 pandemic for statements perceived by Filipinos as illogical.
  2. The recent killings involving members of the PNP do not follow the logic that several men in uniform now think they are already clothed with power.
  3. A public figure made sure requirements were followed, not use his position and power to ensure the requirements for a high-rise building are acquired.
  4. The decision of political leaders and IATF members in Sagada, Mountain Province to deny the request for video shoot also made them a model LGU.
  5. There is no cold war in this district office when the current personnel of the deceased official were told to resign as earlier agreed even before lockdown.
  6. Those behind the denial for request to shoot video clips for the President’s SONA in Sagada and Banaue do not expect political reprisal in the future.
  7. Some of those who oppose the signing into law of the Anti-Terror Bill claim the law is meant to shield leaders from dissent, not the public from terrorists.
  8. A visiting team that intended to shoot in two areas in the Cordillera could not undergo 14-day quarantine that’s why the crew decided to travel to Baguio.
  9. Countless Filipinos have lost interest in waiting for the recorded messages of the President, which his communication team must study for effectiveness.
  10. Several groups have yet to respond to the statements of a former CPP officer who has surrendered and linked these groups to the underground movement.
  11. The negative result of RT-PCR tests to numerous individuals has given them false sense of security that they are no longer vulnerable to being infected.
  12. A municipal mayor has not requested some contractors to execute an affidavit against a municipal engineer so he will replace him with his favored engineer.