July 23, 2024

The arrested suspects in the murder of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo tagged a certain “Congressman Teves” as the alleged mastermind.
They did not specify who this “Congressman Teves” is, but as per existing record of Congress, there is only one Congressman Teves and his full name is Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves, Jr. Notwithstanding, reporters are giving the congressman the benefit of the doubt and hope the “Congressman Teves” being referred to by the alleged murderers of Degamo is not the same as Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves, Jr.
Be that as it may, Teves is now in the headlines because of the murder of Degamo. He is also charged with three counts of murder for a spate of killings in Negros Oriental that happened in 2019.
He is also in trouble after his house(s) were raided by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group resulting in the confiscation of unlicensed firearms. This is not the first controversy that is haunting the congressman.
Teves is remembered as the congressman who openly had a heated argument with another congressman.
In September 2020, he had a spat with House Deputy Speaker Luis Villafurte branding him a “faggot.” It is not known whether they patched up their differences.
In 2016, during his first term in office, Teves revealed that he used to be into drugs but has since followed the path to righteousness. Due to this, his involvement in controversies are matters that have not escaped the attention of media. In fact, he has a running feud with Ben Tulfo over another incident involving the former’s son.
Teves, of course, is one of the products of a political clan. His family had been long term politicians in Negros Oriental holding key government positions.
His grandfather Meniong Teves served as a lawmaker. Meniong Teves was followed by Pryde Henry Teves, the brother of Congressman Teves.
Gary Teves was the Finance secretary of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. His uncles served as governor of the province. And, he himself rose from the ranks starting as barangay captain until his meteoric rise as a congressman.
This year, the brother of Teves was unseated as the governor of the province after a short stint due to a decision rendered by the Supreme Court proclaiming that the rightful governor is Degamo. Whether or not this precipitated a political turmoil within the Teves camp is a matter for the investigators to establish.
But one thing is clear from all the foregoing events and circumstances. It has all the elements of a dynasty, one where a family controls the affairs of a locality, one where a few dictates who are “in” and who are “out.”
The common denominator of all high profile crimes involving politicians is their claim to entitlement. Once they are entrenched in a position, they feel that they own it. They assert that nobody outside the family is qualified to occupy the position.
It becomes their right to be the political lords since the position itself carries with it perks, power and privileges. When these perks, power, and privileges are threatened perceptively or for real, the process of elimination is the best solution.