June 20, 2024

Nonnette C. Bennett
Indeed, the child in us knows how the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect mental health because the space we used to explore suddenly became confined to a gadget and our home.
But not for Carlton Papa Tan, who became a kid who wished to build his daughter a treehouse, but this is pure fiction in the central business district and this inspired the “Tank House”at the City Camp district.
The excitement of climbing up a ladder and being able to do what you want in another space apart from your room is more than enough change to give us our spatial balance. The only option that presented itself to Tonton was the area under their water tank that was high enough for an elevated level and big enough for the ideal floor area of a playhouse that later turned out to be spacious enough for a complete house with 2.2 meters by 2.5 meters floor area.
Apart from being an architectural miniature wonder, the “Tank House” presents some interior design details that speak well of Tonton, a real estate broker and developer.
The receiving area is big enough for a small party space for six adults who want to watch a game from the flat screen on the wall or exchange stories. With everything within arm’s reach, there should be no traffic and with the two windows and the door, enough ventilation for current protocols.
The induction stove, microwave, and compact refrigerator are basic kitchen equipment that occupy the same space as the kitchen sink which any person with obsessive-compulsive behavior disorder will delight in for cleaning purposes. Even the compact toilet-bath should be easy to maintain.
There is a mirror on the wall when you enter the door to give an illusion of space. This is used by interior designers in small areas and decorative as well. There is a storage trunk that doubles as a sofa minus the back rest to keep things and toys. Under the ladder the space is filled with a table and a vase to give it some visual accent.
According to Tonton, the ladder can also be set at an angle instead of straight up because of challenged for people like me. This cramps the space but could also provide storage space, which is missing, if this was to become a regular living space.
The loft provides restful space for anyone from three feet to six feet. The miniature sofa is good for two children playing a game or working on a laptop. The best space to do school modules together on the small table, that is actually a laptop table for the bed. The small bookcase was made from crate wood and custom-made for the space. The mattress is perfect for the daughter to take a nap or just read comfortably. This area is well ventilated and illuminated with three windows.
The amazing work done in this tiny home is the ceiling of the loft. The angles that were made by the steel braces were highlighted instead of hidden or flattened which would have reduced the head space. Tonton said that it was difficult for the workers to understand the work on the inside and the outside that required insulation and roofing work. He said that the extra work of insulation assures that the room temperature does not become too hot. Lights were installed in different parts of the ceiling and give good illumination to the room at night.
The white paint and brown accents also contribute to the overall impact of the smallest house in the city. This is the second of the small contributions of Tonton.
The first one was the “Jeepito”, the smallest jeepney in the city which was launched in September 2020. The mini creations of Tonton in these Covid 19 times show that many good things are created because of the restrictions or with the playful mind.