May 18, 2024

I was amazed to see the newly-installed solar-powered center studs on the street below Baguio City Hall.
As an advocate of the use of solar-powered center studs in our national roads especially Halsema Highway which is always foggy at night, how I wish Mayor Benjamin Magalong will initiate this kind of project in all national roads within the city. It will be a beautiful site and I am certain that the congressmen of Benguet and Mountain Province, along with other local government units will follow.
Also, the leadership of the regional, district and city offices of the Department of Public Works and Highways might also want adopt program this kind of project, including the put-up of solar lamp posts.
These projects are not only noble, but also useful in preventing loss of life and property for travelers at night.
Also, I reiterate that those minimal widening and slope protection walls along the Halsema Highway and Kennon Road are useless and do not in any way give a sense of safety to road users. These projects instead, increases the chances for rocks and debris to fall because the stability of the mountain slope was disturbed. — JUNIPER DOMINGUEZ, Baguio City