June 24, 2024

The modern convenience of everything in one stop also applies to food. The fickle minded or picky eater can always change choices at the blink of the eye and not move too far to get it. As this applies to the vast options online, the food court is a smart innovation of the times. This new place is found on the third floor of the Porta Vaga Mall.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the almost two-year restrictions could not save the small shop owners who sold novelty items.Many of these closed stalls hamper operations for malls, particularly of a shopping center in these times of economic recovery. Food seems to be the only thriving business that is making some headway, given the online and offline options of ordering the meals. This seems to be the inspiration to the opening of the food counters at this business center along Session Road.

There are eight types of foodstuffs that are available as of the moment for the ‘rushians’ who want quick service or should I say quicker services, to that of the sitting restaurants with full menus, will find this to their lifestyle.

Here, 10 minutes should be tops for the wait because there is no pretense of ‘from scratch’ preparations. Besides, the cooking areas are limited for the preparation of the food. The favorites of the times are all in, sandwiches, milkteas, chicken wings, seafood meals, noodles, dimsum, breakfast all day, rice meals, and many other easy meals and snacks.

I chose to sit and order at Area Cafe with the homemade chicharon and a counter of vegetables that go into the sandwich preparations and the rice meals. My choice was the marinara meatballs sandwich that had meatballs with parmesan, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and barbeque and bechamel sauce.

This is one for eaters who are not so crazy about burgers but want something less greasy and with more tomato sauce in the tender and juicy meatballs. It would be closer to a meatloaf sandwich with a softer texture than the burger patties. This comes with kropec chips instead of the regular fries or chips, which is also a welcome difference.I noticed that you could also make your own sandwich here if you want to combine ingredients on your own from their selection of meats and tuna. These come in two sizes of four inches or eight inches because the bread is meant for a subway sandwich. Not quite French bread and neither a baguette, their bread must come from a source that is not very commercial.

One of my weaknesses is chicharron or crispy pork rind. Their edition is fresh homemade pork rind with some fat and meat, the kind that one tries to make in the kitchen with much frustration. They also serve this freshly fried if you want it hot.

Joining the fruit tea craze, I chose the matcha strawberry with black pearls. If only to encourage more hydration in these warm summer days, these drinks seem to combine the need to have more fluids because they are sweet and delicious at the same time. These also come in several sizes for those who indulge or want more fluids. This is only one combination in a range of drinks to satisfy any craving or preference.

As I sat and watched the movement of customers in the strip of the mall, I must say that there is no specific age that is drawn by the food shops. There are food delivery service providers who are lined up for their orders too.

Ergo, on we search for snappy service and nearby dining stops or take out counters. The ones with the best location and swift food service will win in these impatient times.

This mall is getting to be a good place to use your limited time or your leisurely pace to do what you need to do or want to do. This food stop is worth discovering or one with the array for your tastebuds.