April 21, 2024

IN PRE-PANDEMIC YEARS, about these times – the months of July, August, September, and a little bit before, and after,

THE RAINS USUALLY build-up, i.e. from the showers, drizzles of May, to the typhoons, intensifying in September.

NOW, FOLKS AND we observe a ‘trimming down’ pattern somewhat – Kasla kasjay: lesser rains, coupled with a stingy sunshine, agkedked nga init; strong, down-pouring rains but sometimes less round the clock; a persistent hot temperature – even during the night. All these suggest a change from the used-to-be pre-Pandem petterns. And we

PEOPLE TOO. No longer do we have frequent visits from relatives – or friends, here and across the seas. If they ever do – not even half the times (of Visit) they used to render previously. But maybe, if you ask yourself some ways, you have one or two of these – but which sometimes you avoid saying so.

[DISCOURSE PRE-NOTE: Imagine me giving – in your stead – those ‘reasons’ why you didn’t visit. It is easier to plainly say – or call, or text: “I didn’t come again last Christmas, I’m sorry.” It is a lot more advantageous a way, than enumerating some (or all of) the reasons why, for your ‘absence’.

IF YOU DO, that simpler, shorter, and softer way of apologizing, one answer from your would-have-been host is: “It’s okay, I understand.” And the ‘issue’ is resolved. Giving all the reasons might even trap you into levels of ‘needed proofs’ – why indeed you didn’t come – as you used to.

LET’S NOW MEANWHILE move our Discussion a bit to the venue of the Academicians. So,

ABOUT THE MONTHS of July and August in pre-pandemic times, the Instructors/Professors have already started giving out their ‘Pointers for Review’ for the then upcoming Prelims or Preliminary Exams. [Of course, in the Graduate Level Courses, they didn’t have Prelims; so, just Lectures and Discussions yet]. Whereas now, if you ask around, you’ll learn that the face-to-face classes – in pre-College levels, only started middle or so of August; and some too(?) in the College Level – in the Medical Courses. Observers say the other Colleges/Courses have followed late September?

THOSE ARE WHAT have been said – and heard, over Media and some sources. So, we just cross fingers and hope things shall “normalize” as envisioned.

SOME OF US, visiting Professors, yours truly including of course, still await what used-to-be those phone calls – or text messages – inviting us to teach/handle this or that course or subject. Alas! [in English or in Iluko], no calls – no text messages yet. Ayuhh nete kha nem!