April 14, 2024
Dinengdeng or inabraw makes for the traditional Ilocano dish.
Crispy dinakdakanis a curious thing.
Pork kalderetta from the Kampapangan menu.

I remember how set we are in our ways when we eat breakfast. Long ago, I didn’t eat breakfast and just had at least two cups of coffee. Learning from a hike in Bessang Passin Ilocos Sur and an exit from the community in Katablangan, Conner, Apayao, my stomach has adjusted to the rigors of travel, to eat what is prepared. Thus, reminiscing those days we dropped by Le Homi’s Cucina for a varied meal. This could be ominous of a trip somewhere.
Inabraw or dinengdeng is the Ilocano version of soup with boiled vegetables topped with fried fish. The vegetables include string beans, eggplant, okra, with jute leaves flavored with fish sauce. The ginger that is added to the soup dispels the piscine scent and flavor of the soup. This was topped with fried daing na bangus or salted butterfly cut milkfish. A healthy dish from the north, this is a mainstay in many diets. This is actually a complete meal. The soup was refreshing for breakfast.

Bicol express for the specialty in the Bicolano cuisine.

The crispy dinakdakan was a curious Tagalog dish. This is usually made with the pork ears and cheek, and this was fried. In the old recipes, this should have pork brain and given a little kalamansi tang. In this version, the mayonnaise and slices of green chilies gave it a little perk. This was also on the sweet side.
From the Bicol region, the Bicol express was our choice. This is sauteed pork cubes simmered in coconut milk and lavished with chili peppers. In some restaurants, this has some red chilies which renders this dish dangerous. The creamy spicy sauce is delightful.

Creative clock with the openers and shot glasses.
Recycled guitar and ukelele shelves.

We had to taste the pork kaldereta from Pampanga or could have opted for the pork kare-kare because indeed, this dish is what the province prides in. But I am a fan of the oxtail version and feel that nothing less measures up to the texture and flavor of the meat. This version was made with pork cubes sauteed and simmered in tomato sauce.

Breakfast stop for travelers.

The cubed potatoes were added to the dish. The missing parts were the bell peppers and some green peas. This must be a version of Le Homi or maybe the early morning visit caught the cook off guard. I missed the smell of pimientos in the preparation. This dish was also on the sweet side.
This food stop prides itself in its Ilocos Empanada and pansit Abra miki too. These could be tested.
The clock made from a wood block with shot glasses and beer bottle openers was a good discussion piece. The guitar and ukulele recycled into miniature plant shelves is interesting.
There is fair warning for those who would venture here because the stairs are not standard.