April 15, 2024

  1. The happy ending expectation of a former chief executive might not be realized in the years to come due to a pending disqualification case with the Supreme Court.
  2. A department head from a nearby town has backed the incumbent chief executive who doesn’t stress her with work since the latter is retiring in a few years anyway.
  3. Law enforcement agencies are probing the presence of POGO in an auctioned building along Legarda Road, run by employers who are reported to be foreigners.
  4. Happy days are here again for those engaged in illegal drugs trade but the PDEA and other law enforcers are determined to sustain the nationwide war on drugs.
  5. Aside from the “duck, hold, cover” drill, the public also want government offices to introduce more practical drills based on their experience during July 27 quake.
  6. The most honorable thing left for the heads of DICT and NTC is to resign from their posts for their failure to address the proliferation of text scams and spams.
  7. The City of Baguio will most likely be among the last LGUs that would conclude the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoor being a model in MPHS compliance.
  8. SEC is closely monitoring the operation of local groups engaged in casino VIP
    junkets or casino financing while flaunting their sports cars to invite investors.
  9. A ranking government official now feels insignificant and unpopular after his term as the “greatest nanny of all time” ended when his boss left public service.
  10. Concerned government agencies remain undaunted by the growing public frustration on why millions are still waiting for their national IDs for a year now.
  11. An agency, which is too bureaucratic in releasing information to the media that is of public interest, now wants media mileage for its public service advisories.
  12. A politician, also known for being a ‘political butterfly’, is getting mixed reactions for condoling with the people of UK while joking on the longevity of Juan Enrile.