April 17, 2024
  1. The series of raids and surprise visits on warehouses exposed the wicked act of enterprising businessmen behind the artificial shortage of sugar in the country.
  2. School administrators should monitor their students who post unsavory remarks on announcements from mayors and governors regarding suspension of classes.
  3. Some insiders wonder why a utility firm has incurred unpaid obligations when it has a collection rate of more than 95 percent in its main collection center.
  4. The series of landslides along the stretch of the Baguio-Bontoc Road requires a thorough inspection of the critical sections of highway to ensure public safety.
  5. The President’s campaign promise to bring the price of rice to P20 a kilo will be one of the biggest blunders that will haunt his administration in the next six years.
  6.  The claims of this progressive group that State forces have abducted one of its members must be substantiated with evidence or witnesses so truth shall prevail.
  7. There’s no truth to information ranking rebel leaders were already dead even before they were reported to have been killed in action in a legitimate operation.
  8. The complaints on the tactile pavement project send a message that it could be considered as substandard which is not in consonance to the City Hall advocacy.
  9. The uphill bid to overhaul the Bureau of Customs and put a stop to the web of corruption in the agency could be a litmus test to the Marcos administration.
  10. The public don’t expect these self-proclaimed fiscalizers to declare that sidewalk fixtures are substandard because the project has their prior approval and support.
  11. An agency should spill the beans on who should be blamed on the defective tactile tiles instead of keeping mum because of a pending case at the Prosecutor’s Office.
  12. Some ranking officials will never know the plights of learners in public schools unless they also allow their children to study under the public school system.