May 22, 2024
  1. The city government is striking a balance between public health and economy in reopening the night market despite disapproval from several concerned quarters.
  2. Randomly interviewed individuals are not prepared to avail of the Covid-19 shot, especially when the vaccine comes from a country with countless bogus products.
  3. Several citizens are about to release their own videos and photos if this LGU decides to deny there was no breach of protocol in an event that attracted a crowd.
  4. A long-time Benguet resident was not afraid to post in social media that a mining company did not reach out to host communities during disasters in the past decades.
  5. A drug suspect who was killed in an encounter with cops could still be alive today if one of his relatives did not break his promise to help the police arrest him peacefully.
  6. Favored contractors in this northern part of a province are awarded with several contracts by the BAC even if they are not fully equipped to implement the projects.
  7. Friends of this government aide might soon receive envelopes with gift coupons he has amassed from a friend as goodwill for being supportive to a mall’s projects.
  8. This Internet provider with poor customer service and regular network outage must be ashamed for its promo enticing clients to boost their speed for adding only P99.
  9. The notorious bagman of this ranking politician is not worried being subjected to a lifestyle check for driving luxury cars and buying sneakers costing P40,000 per pair.
  10. A ranking official did not get drunk until kingdom come when he visited an urban area, as he would be required to undergo 14-day quarantine once he comes home anyway.
  11. Notwithstanding the role newsstand vendors play in a democratic society, City Hall was ill-advised on its plan to remove the newsstands on the sidewalk for being ‘eyesores’.
  12. It is in Baguio where every Thom, Dick, and Harry could openly deal online real estate properties of others even if they are not licensed agents as required by law.