May 20, 2024
  1. Having healthy constituents appears to be a mere campaign promise by this chief executive, as he lacks foresight on how to respond to the pandemic.
  2. Officials of a nearby LGU are not exerting efforts to subject their constituents to mass testing even if free test kits donated by Baguio City are available.
  3. Even die-hard Duterte supporters are ashamed of one of their colleagues who resorted to an indecent post against the embattled Vice President in social media.
  4. This once human rights advocate turned one of the cheerleaders of a strongman will not win in any elective post in 2022 even if he starts campaigning now.
  5. Several local officials are not harboring ill feelings towards this ranking official for not inviting them in some gatherings due to IATF rules on social distancing.
  6. Some of those who attended the crowd-drawing events last week will not report to City Hall to seek for assistance if they get infected of Covid-19 in the coming days.
  7. A resident insisted physical distancing was not violated in a recent event with a 10-second video to prove his point and supposedly to impress his ‘benefactors’.
  8. This government executive has the habit of entertaining self-proclaimed social media influencers to attend events in exchange for free food and accommodation.
  9. Those claiming the city border control policy aims to discriminate the Igorots are causing public spat since it aims to help LGUs improve their Covid-19 response.
  10. This remote town in a nearby province is about to surpass one of the LISTT towns in terms of the number of residents tested for Covid-19 to contain the spread of virus.
  11. Up to now, vehicles bearing bogus and homemade passes continue to pass through border checkpoints without being noticed by already tired police personnel.
  12. Several individuals have an idea on who are behind the abduction of a driver in Irisan whose headless body was later discovered in Tublay, Benguet last month.