June 21, 2024
  1. Concerned government agencies must mobilize their teams to go after several groups victimizing the public with their bogus solicitations during typhoons.
  2. There are still people who discriminate individuals who caught the Covid-19 and blame them, disregarding the fact that no one ever wants to get infected.
  3. There was laughter in social media when a ranking police officer announced the men and women in uniform must not gain weight at an excessive level.
  4. Reports that the President wants to end his term and run for vice president in the 2022 polls is not a form of early politicking, according to his legion of followers.
  5. Netizens were right for noting that some Benguet officials are heeding the DOH advisories to heart, as several of them are thoroughly washing their hands clean.
  6. There is no issue of equal protection of the law on the disputed travel restriction of Benguet residents since it calls for LGUs to improve their Covid-19 response.
  7. The appointees of a former Cabinet secretary in CAR are now being embroiled in alleged corruption as contained in the complaints filed against them recently.
  8. Some quarters are hopeful the modern jeepneys, which look like mini-buses, will be a long-term endeavor despite the terrain in Baguio and the maintenance cost.
  9. This local chief executive in a nearby province is closely monitored for every decision and response he issues that greatly affect the lives of his constituents.
  10. Every parent would agree with this embattled POSD officer who requested his critics to spare his innocent family members on issues thrown against him.
  11. Subscribers of this new Internet provider think the company rode on the high public trust of a utility company to entice the now disappointed subscribers.
  12. Benguet towns have no plans of requiring Baguio residents passing through their AOR to present at the borders requirements such as ID and health clearance.