May 29, 2024
  1. The city government has no plans of easing restrictions on the entry of tourists even as it is bombarded with numerous criticisms from individuals wanting to visit Baguio.
  2. Some domestic tourists are considering moves to travel overseas, or to other parts of the country, than visiting Baguio due to the tedious requirements imposed by the city.
  3. This politician has a habit of stealing the thunder from dignitaries by delivering long speeches outlining his accomplishments even if the crowd is getting bored.
  4. The noticeable exhorbitant prices of fuel in the localities, higher by as much as P10 a liter compared to the prices in the lowlands are back, adding to the burden of the public.
  5. There is no failure in the government’s war on drugs when the number of users continues to surge despite the series of operation resulting to deaths in the past four years.
  6. Several contractors are planning to come out in the open to keep the public informed on the questionable process being followed in the bidding of infrastructure projects.
  7. The crew of this isolation facility is showing equal treatment to all patients, even if one of them keeps asserting his connections on assumption he will be given VIP treatment.
  8. Netizens who don’t know any better keep attributing the surge in Covid cases in Baguio to the reopening of borders to tourists, even if cases are due to contact tracing and testing.
  9. Those who might have been insinuated in the “under the table negotiation” concerning a huge public infrastructure project have not come out in the open to clear their names.
  10. Some of those who were in direct contact with Covid-19 positive patients are finding ways to evade the contact tracing team and undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine.
  11. There is no truth to information that an event held last year earned more than what the festival has gained in recent years and organizers are happy with their equitable shares.
  12. Friends of the slain anti-graft crusader in the Cordillera will soon come out in the open to give accounts on the recent transactions of the victim in a bid to help solve the case.