May 29, 2024
  1. Residents near the Lion’s head at the historic Kennon Road fear for their lives due to strong run off water capable to destroy houses every time there’s heavy downpour.
  2. A recently-installed government executive is not dumb to know that his predecessor was removed from his post due to numerous complaints of alleged corrupt practices.
  3. Countless lotto bettors wonder why a selling agent claimed the lone jackpot winner of P339 million is from La Union province when PCSO reported he is from Quezon City.
  4. This politician will most likely transfer his voter’s registration in a province in a bid to show clear intent to run for an elective position and to erase any speculation.
  5. The NPA will not retract a statement against a slain anti-graft crusader in Mountain Province even as churches and local gov’t units are condemning the brutal killing.
  6. An influential politician in the region will soon be gifted with a house and lot courtesy of a moneyed person, who would finance his political campaign in the 2022 elections.
  7. A higher learning institution will definitely act on complaints of sexual abuse lodged against one of its professors, who might have other victims, but are just afraid to testify.
  8. A project proponent of a multi-billion deal will not demand reimbursement of the initial goodwill money it distributed to some members of the BAC after failing to close a deal.
  9. The Benguet legislative caretaker was not pleased when he saw a streamer naming the molecular laboratory center after him, which is being widely criticized in social media.
  10. Several officials made sense when they claimed it is premature to proclaim that traffic has improved at the CBD due to the transfer of jeepney terminals during the pandemic.
  11. Filipinos wonder how the whooping Covid-19 response funds are spent when countless frontliners and families are struggling from the pandemic and feel lack of gov’t support.
  12. Residents in low-lying communities are blaming the contaminated river coming from a Benguet mining community for the death of animals, especially carabaos and cows.