June 23, 2024
  1. Benguet must be prepared for the influx of tourists when Baguio opens its borders for visitors from nearby lowland provinces even without being included in the plan.
  2. A group of well-off individuals will most likely support a well-respected leader if he decides to reconsider his decision to rest from public service after the 2018 polls.
  3. Close to a dozen establishments in the region will not be subjected to investigation for their alleged link to the much-publicized corruption in a state insurance firm.
  4. The refusal by some residents to follow health protocols does not contribute to the increase in Covid-19 cases in this supposed province with strict health protocols.
  5. Some quarters wonder why a member of the Cordillera police command has been a target of an ambush in Cebu but not a single bullet fired by the suspects hit him.
  6. Many of those who greatly contribute to the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic do not care if they were not among those honored during Baguio Day rites.
  7. A local government unit in the Cordillera is reviewing if it will proceed with its plan to loan funds for infrastructure projects considering its capability to pay.
  8. Deputized traffic enforcers must also be considerate by not quickly issuing citation ticket to senior citizens who ‘illegally’ park their vehicles to buy essential goods.
  9. The killing of a fiscalizer and anti-graft advocate in the Cordillera has brought a chilling effect on those who publicly criticize public officials for inferior projects.
  10. Two politicians who promised to reach out to their constituents even during difficult times are nowhere to be found to offer aid to the poor since the start of the pandemic.
  11. Some indications show that two government employees are cornering the gift checks given by this establishment to individuals whom it sought for assistance.
  12. A local government unit linked to alleged graft and corruption on use of Covid-19 response fund has not hired individuals to defend it from countless vigilant citizens.