June 17, 2024

A1. Local environmentalists and those who truly care for this mountain resort are hopeful the President will sign the request for tree-cutting moratorium.

  1. Urging private developers to replace every tree felled seem not feasible nowadays if there is no more space for tree planting in an overcrowded city.
  2. Concerned quarters wonder why no public consultations were held relative to the issuance of tree cutting clearances by local and national agencies.
  3. A local chief executive must understand that the right of the public to criticize is inherent in a democratic society to ensure accountability in governance.
  4. This Cordilleran politician is not harboring ill-feelings towards a dynamic leader, who outshines the former with his managerial and leadership skills.
  5. The government must not let POGO operators to leave the country without settling the P70 billion unpaid taxes including paying the displaced workers.
  6. Contrary to claims, there is already an animosity between several quarters in the military and police in the south following the killing of four soldiers.
  7. Internal dealings could be the reason why some personnel of this political office were told to resign but their salaries are fully paid until the yearend.
  8. It is only in movies where those who first draw their guns end up being killed by cops, who can manage to evade bullets and fire back at their assailants.
  9. There is logic in the claim of an Army official that it could have been a different story if indeed the four slain soldiers drew and fired their guns.
  10. The public is hopeful that the new scheme adopted by the LTO in securing a student driver’s license will clear the roads from undisciplined motorists.
  11. Thousands of Internet subscribers in the localities are still not satisfied with the services of providers, especially with the bandwidth they are receiving.