June 20, 2024
  1. An incoming Cabinet member is becoming a laughing stock among his peers due to
    his social media posts that indicate his interest for the DA secretary position.
  2. Those who elected a fugitive as chief executive don’t have any regrets, as they
    think “ghost” official can serve and function even while hiding from authorities.
  3. A well-meaning village chief should have done what every responsible citizen
    must do – present the same person to the authorities after administering his oath.
  4. The public must have understood that being educated in an Ivy League school is
    no guarantee the concepts and principles of economics is contested sans research.
  5. The high incidence of wasting among children in this urban center was because the
    relief items meant for them unsuspectingly went to undeserving ‘beneficiaries’.
  6. The new DSWD leadership is on the right track over its plan to remove millions of
    4Ps beneficiaries, who are not poor, or have the actual means to support themselves.
  7. More individuals and groups start to doubt the sincerity of this politician
    to eradicate corruption in this LGU when some of the people he trusts receive SOPs.
  8. A law enforcer was able to acquire new SUV and house and lot from hard-earned
    money, not because he benefits from being one of the allies of a chief executive.
  9. Some of the statements by this politician and his minions claiming credit over some
    projects lack context and substance, as these project were started by previous leaders.
  10. Up to now, a politician who suffered defeat in recent polls has problem how to pay
    the house and lot he has acquired as a gift to himself ahead of the 2019 elections.

11. The long-time quest for Cordillera autonomy will be achieved if the general public
are included in the activities, not only politicians, government heads and personnel.

  1. This chief executive made sure all department heads and elected officials participated
    in the executive-legislative agenda planning to ensure quality public service until 2025.