June 21, 2024

1. One of those appointed for a temporary position in a coop has no plan to become a full-fledged director when normalcy in the company’s operation has been restored.

2. A police officer is not harboring ill feelings towards his two superiors after he was not endorsed as next regional commander despite lobbying by his politician kin.

3. The management of a company that operates GCash services is having concerns with many complaints about online fraud against repeat offenders using legit accounts.

4. There is growing public discontent on the progress of rehabilitation at Carantes Street, which should have been completed months ago as earlier published.

5. A town in Abra must work hard to improve its image as a peaceful place before pursuing eco-tourism projects, as visitors will always think of their safety first.

6. The plan by this Cabinet member to have his term extended will most likely fail due to a series of graft charges being filed against him even by those considered poor.

7. Members of a regional monitoring team must sustain supervision of this multi-million bridge project in a town in Abra before funds for the project is corrupted.

8. A respected contractor with a record of high standard in project completion is considering throwing his hat in politics due to the requests of his kakailyans.

9. This LGU department has no greed when it occupied a sizeable portion of a building for senior citizens when it has its own building at CBD to cater to the needs of clients.

10. More LGUs now realize that holding activities such as festivals can generate revenue not only for the government but also for MSMEs, including the transport sector.

11. A veteran journalist made a timely statement when she claimed social media has made fact-checking a necessity and we have to first value truthfulness to fight disinformation.

12. This mega company is not discreetly extending logistics and financial assistance to the ongoing efforts to assist the families and individuals who were displaced by a disaster.