April 17, 2024

1. The lack of guidance counselors in public schools, including Baguio City, remains a challenge for DepEd and DOH in addressing mental health issues among learners.

2. A portion of Harrison Road near the Ganza parking lot is being used as a terminal by modern jeepneys when such area is strictly for loading of PUVs and private cars.

3. Aside from mandatory wearing of life vest, the city must adopt a policy on the minimum age of children allowed to go boating with parents or guardians.

4. Local authorities must seriously look into seriousness of the drug menace in Baguio aside from just describing the seizure of P4 billion worth of shabu as an isolated case.

5. This former hotel within the central business district of an urban center also housed several foreigners who appeared to be employers of a discreet offshore gaming.

6. There is shortage of water in most parts of the country but concerned entities opt not to admit the problem to make it appear things are normal even when it’s not.

7. Many quarters are aware that a self-proclaimed influencer, has not been indicted for cyberlibel for series of social media posts against an embattled executive.

8. Some individuals who do not know any better, are quick to spread rumors the volume of illegal drugs seized in a recent operation has been reduced prior to inventory.

9. There was no failure of intelligence-gathering for law enforcement units when it took other units outside the region to lead an operation in relation to the war on drugs.

10. Many law firms in Baguio and Benguet, including those from Manila, are interested to represent in legal battle the Chinese suspect in relation to the seized 575 kilos of shabu.

11. To avoid being suspected of being behind the forest fires, enterprising farmers are not taking advantage of the summer months for their illegal slash and burn practice.

12. A forum among stakeholders in the academe in Baguio has exposed many inconvenient truths on the poor state of the mental health system in urban centers.