June 20, 2024
  1. There is no truth to information that one town in the Cordillera bears lists of social amelioration program beneficiaries, who died a long time ago.
  2. Health frontliners are still appealing on social media for residents of Baguio and Benguet to obey the liquor ban, as some patients admitted in ERs are drunk.
  3. Mountain Province, in coordination with the provincial IATF, prefers for stranded residents in areas with Covid-19 cases to stay put in their locations until May 15.
  4. Several quarters are not happy that this local government is doing out of the box solutions against the spread of Covid-19 since the mayor was not their bet before.
  5. Some athletes will prefer to train at the Athletic Bowl when the lockdown is lifted for fear of possibly being infected by the virus when training at Teacher’s Camp.
  6. Several local government units in the Cordillera with zero Covid-19 cases want their areas to be on a lockdown status until May 15 to buy them time to prepare.
  7. Discrimination against a recovered Covid-19 patient and her son is noticeable, as people in the locality do not want her to extend self-quarantine in their barangay.
  8. A group that has not been winning in the regional search for an outstanding civic action group has become the most visible responder during the Covid-19 plague.
  9. The Department of Agriculture must ensure that interventions will be carried out to help the farmers who suffered a lot when they unloaded their produce for free.
  10. Lack of information about the coronavirus disease-2019 has prompted residents to discriminate Covid-19 survivors and their families in a supposed model city.
  11. Many of those identified with a political party, who don’t know any better, have not initiated significant contributions to help those in need during the pandemic.
  12. The underground movement and its political allies are now being shaken by the series of rejoinders from organizations and communities they are supposed to represent.