June 21, 2024
  1. Another former police general from the north has completed the requirements to be considered as among the top two nominees to head a law enforcement agency.
  2. The days of top police and military officers with padrinos in the south are numbered, as those from the north are most likely to rule the AFP and PNP soon.
  3. A self-proclaimed honorable is lying in some of his statements after he was not appointed to a Cabinet post despite rubbing elbows with BBM and other dignitaries.
  4. This province is scientific in presenting data when seeking for intervention from the regional or national offices, but not when it comes to auditing public funds.
  5. Despite the hardship in life caused by the pandemic and rising cost of fuel, many Filipinos find relief on social media like when couples unfollow each other on IG.
  6. The quota and first come, first served policy imposed by smoke belching centers for vehicles due for registration with LTO is ignored if one pays P500 to skip the line.
  7. A former Cabinet member was right in his observation that it is simply a waste of taxpayers’ money if officials and workers hold seminars in tourist destinations.
  8. Officials and department heads of this urban LGU might have acquired additional wisdom on good governance after holding their seminar in a famous destination.
  9. Some Cordillera politicians, especially those with well-moneyed supporters, plan to join the KBL party, which they ignored after the founder had fled the country.
  10. The planned moratorium on tree cutting in Baguio is doomed to fail, especially when housing developers secure permits directly from central offices of agencies.
  11. A known Cordillera official has avoided mentioning the unfulfilled promises in 2019 when he gave his latest inaugural speech where the audience almost slept.
  12. Those who want to make requests to the President do not know where to start, as they are puzzled who among Imee, Lisa, Imelda, and Chavit is calling the shots.