April 21, 2024
  1. Almost all the chief executives of this province thought of observing home quarantine after one their benefactors admitted to have contracted the Covid-19.
  2. Several barangay officials in Baguio are not helping the city in strictly implementing the enhanced community quarantine with people going in and out of the barangays.
  3. Concerned residents of Pinget complained that those who violate the quarantine policy are from other areas who also share the road when going to the city proper.
  4. A group of officials has its own count of the Covid-19 positive cases and its members are taking the lead in initiating actions to prevent local transmission.
  5. A barangay official was right when he appealed to residents to be considerate of their officials, who are also frontline workers but get less support from the DILG.
  6. The unhampered travel of vehicles used to transport goods must be reviewed if only to ensure that the occupants are well and are not carriers of the Covid-19.
  7. Only a few unemployed nurses volunteered as frontliners for the fight against the Covid-19, knowing that many of the frontliners are well-paid and with benefits.
  8. Residents who are in the comfort of their homes can help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 by sharing advisories instead of constantly sharing TikTok videos.
  9. A ranking politician heaved a sigh of relief upon learning that a fellow politician has secretly recovered from the Covid-19, as the former was one of the close contacts.
  10. There is a possibility the enhanced community quarantine will be extended if the number of confirmed cases and PUIs continues to increase by the end of March.
  11. Some residents of Lower P. Burgos are not comfortable with the reopening of the defunct hospital not due to the virus but for possibly disturbing the ghosts.
  12. Aside the from police investigators, the city might also consider tapping several media people in contact tracing because they are inquisitive and logical.