April 15, 2024

1. Theft remains the top petty crime in Baguio but not all the suspects are from the region since organized groups from other regions come to the Summer Capital in peak season.

2. The public cannot be expected to report illegal construction, especially when CBAO has the tendency to squeal the identity of those who reported when confronted by a violator.

3. The true age of Apo Whang-od remains a subject of debate among her legions of fans but older residents of Buscalan village have an idea but opted not to engage in a debate.

4.   A ranking police officer who was linked in the alleged cover-up of the 999 kilos shabu raid in October was in Baguio for official function and recreation in February.

5.  City Hall might consider installing CCTV surveillance cameras in its parking spaces as there are reported theft cases involving vehicles parked outside its fenced property.

6. People of Bontoc have displayed the true spirit of “og-ogfo”, or bayanihan as residents came to volunteer their time and resources even without an appeal from officials.

7.  Investigators are trying to establish the network of the Chinese national with 575 kilos of shabu in his possession, including those who referred to him to that rented apartment.

8.  People behind a possible pyramiding scheme are using bogus graphics and images to tempt people to invest as franchise partners of a supposed American-inspired restaurant.

9.  Many of those who were previously interested to avail of second booster shot but were denied at vaccination sites are no longer threatened against any variant of the Covid-19.

10. An embattled former Cabinet official might limit his public appearance and photo ops with fans following the issuance of warrant of arrest against him for murder.

11. Concerned athletes and parents in the region might seek protest why ball games were removed in the CARAA 2023 when the same events will be played in nearby Region 1.

12. The recent survey on the approval ratings of top officials of the land did not raise the eyebrows of many Filipinos and did not raise questions on the integrity of the survey.