April 21, 2024
  1. The Covid-19 pandemic might rationalize the long-time call to increase the salaries of medical workers and healthcare professionals who work beyond the call of duty.
  2. Some quarters wonder why a bus company has a unit that was flagged down for having incomplete papers when it is mandatory for all vehicles, especially for PUVs.
  3. Concerned agencies and law enforcers must go after those hoarding alcohol and selling the same online at exorbitant prices in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  4. A government office under the watch of the DILG has put up a signage informing the public of its “No face mask, no transaction” policy, a violation of civil service rules.
  5. Parents can best protect their children from the spread of the Covid-19 by advising them to avoid crowded places, such as malls during suspension of classes.
  6. The city council, in a bid to protect its rank, can file charges against a citizen, who alleged in social media that eight councilors are on the take from bars.
  7. Vitamins to boost one’s immune system are the next necessities to be hoarded by individuals who are behind the shortage of facemasks and alcohol products.
  8. The change of heart by some ranking officials on the planned special election in a province came after they were not guaranteed of multi-million infra projects.
  9. The cancellation of the Panagbenga has thwarted the plan of a self-styled group claiming to have ties with Malacañang to manage some events of the festival.
  10. It’s not the Benguet caretaker, but one of the seven other legislators that is known to be the most powerful congressman in the Cordillera with ties at the Palace.
  11. A prominent figure in the locality with history of travel from a Covid-19 affected country might be convinced by local authorities to undergo 14-day self-quarantine.
  12. Those who cause panic about the Covid-19 are victims of misinformation and do not have time to verify information from legitimate websites and media outlets.