April 21, 2024
  1. The supposed stewards of this critical mountain in Luzon seem not bothered by the volume of trekkers and their carbon footprint as long as they pay their dues.
  2. This Cordillera politician with vested interest over infrastructure projects in nearby provinces claim to have ties with a leader, who is friendly to the President.
  3. Bets from the poor man’s lottery are collected in this province where number combinations are drawn three times a day and are not detected by authorities.
  4. The lifting by the mayor of the ban on tourists from a sought-after mountain in a nearby province was not due to the pressure from well-moneyed individuals.
  5. The underground movement claims the face of supposed rebel returnees are distorted in some AVP since some of them are bogus personalities and are not rebels.
  6. The video of a drunk man punched by a law enforcer that went viral does not warrant an investigation by the Human Rights agency since there was no complaint filed.
  7. There is no bullying of Chinese and South Korean visitors in the city despite their growing number while the world is on guard against the spread of the Covid-19.
  8. The killing of a former barangay official in a remote village in Ifugao dealt a telling blow on the rebels’ efforts to gain public support if the NPA is behind it.
  9. Two sites promote plagiarism among young writers by lifting stories from the mainstream media and posting them in their websites without acknowledgment.
  10. This regional executive was too honest to declare that he has no liabilities while his savings swelled despite huge expenses, which all came from hard-earned money.
  11. Several quarters wonder why some towns in two Cordillera provinces have passed reviews on good governance when there is poor delivery of services in these localities.
  12. The legislative chair of a Cordillera LGU is known for following the orders of the chief executive even if the actions would warrant the filing of admin cases soon.