February 25, 2024

1. A legislator is lawyering for establishments with permit issues and repeat violators of some ordinances instead of advocating for the welfare of the public.

2. Some video footages taken from dash cameras show that UV express and private vans with passengers are involved in accidents due to recklessness of the drivers.

3. Two previous second highest ranking PNP officers are not harboring ill feelings towards their subordinate, who stole the thunder when he was appointed as PNP chief.

4. Millions of Filipinos did not bother to register their SIM cards on the designated period because they knew the government would extend it just to accommodate them.

5. This agency is not wasting taxpayers’ money for paying self-proclaimed social media influencers to help promote its projects and programs but with dismal results.

6. Illegal gambling is also rampant in a capital town that can be reached via the mountain trail because one of its protectors is a female in uniform who remains untouchable.

7. It is not difficult for the new PNP chief to implement whatever sanctions the DILG would order against police generals and colonels who are found to be involved in drugs.

8. The names of ranking PNP officers found by a five-man panel that probed their links to the illegal drug trade remain undisclosed either due to lack of evidence or revalidation.

9. The successive lotto wins is also baffling one of the senators, who now join millions of bettors who always congratulate the PCSO every time it claims someone wins the lottery.

10. Several of those who flaunt expensive SUVs are being linked to Ponzi and pyramiding with some of them being directed by the SEC to stop soliciting investments from people.

11. Many people will not take the government’s call for the resumption of wearing masks due to threats of a COVID variant as they know they are protected from three-dose vaccine.

12. The embattled former BuCor chief is not hiding somewhere in the Cordillera but he has Cordilleran supporters, including lawyers, who have knowledge on his whereabouts.