May 18, 2024
  1. The Baguio’s heath office might come up with a protocol on how to protect individuals from the novel coronavirus that’s why City Hall is not suspending the Harrison night market.
  2. The capital town of Bangued, Abra is suffering from water crisis, which indicates that public utility services there, such as the debt-ridden electric cooperative, are mismanaged.
  3. Faculty members of this model public school do not own any of the vehicles that obstruct the sidewalk and use the waiting shed as their private parking space during weekdays.
  4. The family of this known businessman opted to lease their lot to a multi-national company, not heeding the long-time request of their other clients to allot them a parking space.
  5. The brains behind the symbolic stones atop Session Road are not offended when the markers were replaced with a huge teddy bear made of plants and flowers, which has historical value.
  6. Several leaders in the province were not given an initial P50,000 as token from this generous benefactor, who has indirectly asked them to tone down their earlier petition.
  7. Two ranking PNP officers, who are facing possible reassignment, have not pressured their personnel to be relentless in posting achievements on social media to impress Camp Crame.
  8. Given the Chinese government’s strict censorship of information, the number of fatalities and individuals infected by the novel coronavirus could be higher than what is reported.
  9. Misinformation and disinformation are widely observed on social media that even the ranking Cabinet officials were misled that Baguio is on lockdown due to the corona virus.
  10. This ranking Cordillera official remains steadfast he could still benefit from infrastructure projects outside his political turf after plans for possible caretakership were not realized.
  11. Several senators could not publicly voice out their stand on the planned termination of the RP-U.S. Visiting Forces Agreement for fear of visa cancellation or getting the ire of Digong.
  12. Several stakeholders were dismayed they were not consulted when the town mayor declared a temporary halt in tourism-related events when most of the town’s guests are locals.