May 26, 2024

1. The current administration is recognizing the role of the Fourth Estate in democracy than the past administration that prioritized the vloggers with questionable integrity.

2. The two officials who are always visible with the President in overseas travels are not the lucky charm that allow the latter to get job opportunities and investments.

3. LGUs that have jurisdiction over swimming facilities and river activities must ensure that life vests and other safety gears are available in the facilities for public safety.

4. The initial medal tally for the Philippines in the ongoing SEA Games 2023 shows the Cordillera is home to world-class athletes especially in individual combat events.

5. Concerned offices must be honest in issuing traffic advisory concerning Kennon Road, which has several sections that are prone to landslides even with moderate rainshower.

6. Victims of online fraud with suspects using valid GCash accounts are dismayed their request for refund remains not granted despite submission of requirements.

7. With 1.8 million followers, a socmed influencer known for poor quality contents has taken a swipe that traditional media is dead, as socmed is the new mainstream media.

8. Up to now, a former official with false sense of entitlement is proclaiming he can still influence Malacañang on its decisions in appointing some people to government posts.

9. Keyboard warriors, who do not know any better, have the audacity to criticize Filipino athletes competing in the 32nd SEA Games when they settled for silver or bronze medal.

10. People trying to scam people through investments using an U.S.-inspired establishment are not the same people using a Japanese-sounding resto to also lure unsuspecting victims.

11. Concerned sectors are worried the appointment of a ranking official to a post that seeks to end insurgency will heighten massive red-tagging of teachers, including students.

12. This agency and its officials are being judged prematurely for the collapse of a section of a highway, which according to one official was caused by poor project implementation.