June 21, 2024

1. This member of a bids and awards committee who projects himself as incorruptible is now the talk of the town for not demanding commission even from contractor-friends.

2. Internal rift between two executive officials of this LGU has resulted in the unexpected resignation of one of them who will not launch a propaganda against the administration.

3. One of the primary suspects behind a social media post that triggered the resignation of a ranking government official has no remorse even if he is being alleged of backstabbing.

4. Gratitude is not in the vocabulary of the camp of a pageant candidate who, up to now, has no time to acknowledge the countless benefactors, including a famous politician.

5. The dream of this former Cabinet member to reclaim the post where he was charged for corruption has been shattered with the planned appointment of a non-politician to the post.

6. Many residents are not heeding the latest directive of some chief executives on the use of face mask indoors since they thought they are already protected by their vaccination shots.

7. Political leaders would most likely align themselves with the ranking official from the south than from the north, as the former has greater chances of winning in the 2028 polls.

8. One of the latest directives of a high-ranking PNP officer following a meeting with PCSO officials is considered a “joke of the day” since illegal gambling is operated with impunity.

9. Other LGUs in the country have been implementing technologically-enhanced governance for years with minimal funds unlike the plan of this LGU that is only good in press releases.

10. This public utility company could establish power generators in strategic areas to ensure continued delivery of water supply as scheduled even during whole-day power interruption.

11. This newly appointed Cabinet member was once expelled by a group for  ethical violation but the latter has no regret for his misdeed because he believed he had done nothing wrong.

12. Freelance commercial sex workers, who aggravate the increase of HIV cases, are also now visible in several social media groups offering massage services to the unsuspecting clients.