May 24, 2024

1. Educators and politicians must apologize to a journalist whom they unceremoniously summoned to explain an unfavorable report, which from the beginning is a truthful story.

2. Aside from focusing on mega infra projects, the second generation of a political fa-mily up north must coordinate with agencies for water districts in this poor province.

3. A government agency that has so many blunders in the delivery of services has many plans supposedly to improve the release of licenses when it could not improve its own system.

4. The railroading of a housing project to project that taxpayers’ money is being put to good use despite some unresolved legal issues does not mean there are irregularities involved.

5. The inclusion of this village in the drug-cleared barangays due to the absence of pushers and users raised the eyebrows of many individuals, who know better than the authorities.

6. Parcel forwarding service companies must coordinate with PDEA, PNP, and NBI on how to detect illegal drugs clandestinely inserted in items delivered to millions of clients.

7. A self-entitled government executive has not requested for coding exemption of one of his private vehicles on the premise this is being used to deliver one of people’s basic needs.

8. Residents near a camp heaved a sigh of relief when the new head of office has discouraged regular live band performances that cause noise pollution and disturb people in their sleep.

9. The President’s decision to remain as head of the Agriculture department got the support of some sectors especially those who want to eliminate corruption in the DA.

10. Many parents claim that photographs and videos taken from their mobile phones are way better than the output of “official photographers” in graduation and moving up rites.

11. Internal rift between and among current and previous officials of a utility company facing several issues especially the use of funds is evident based on their social media posts.

12. It is just a matter of time before YouTube will also take down the online version of a talk show hosted by self-proclaimed influencers known for misinformation and disinformation.