May 24, 2024

1. Members of a political group claiming to have direct access to President BBM wonder why they are not being appointed to government posts now occupied by young lawyers.

2. Some ranking police officers in Camp Crame have low morale due to the consistent bullying of a Cabinet member who has a false sense of entitlement to be their superior.

3. Allies of a highly-regarded leader are self-destructing with some of them involved in illegal deals, such as an aide involved in a dispute resolution which is not resolved at all.

4. Filipinos start to wonder why there is a common personality in the launch of the newest tourism motto and now the controversial new logo of PAGCOR, both with huge funding.

5. Teachers will have a hard time determining if essays submitted by their students were written by learners themselves, or simply generated by AI applications.

6. Cybercrimes committed using SIM cards from January to June has increased by over 3,000 cases compared to same period in 2022 in spite of the SIM registration law.

7. The public, especially the community, are disappointed with the snail-paced repair of the Pines Park Bridge since the DPWH and the contractor have no sense of urgency.

8. An international dignitary almost fainted when he did not expect to witness the butchering of a pig as an offering during one of the welcome reception rites in the city.

9. Some minors, including toddlers in the company of adults, are being allowed to go boating at Burnham Park lake because there are no smaller life vests that could fit them.

10. This basketball-loving nation has high hopes that Kai Sotto will finally be considered to play in the future NBA regular season, a gift to a nation where basketball is a religion.

11. One of self-proclaimed social media influencers known for red-tagging individuals has no plans to run for an elective post in 2025 since his program only has 10,000 followers.

12. Water supply for some areas is becoming scare since huge volume of water are being diverted to some establishments whose facilities require continuous water supply 24/7.