February 27, 2024

1. A ranking politician who benefits from troll farms has not yet explained how the multi-million confidential funds were used in days since her mouth is still full.

2. Many of those who joined the ‘salubungan’ in the Bar Ops 2023 opted to ignore a uniformed officer who showed signs of being a bully in implementing an order.

3. A chain of supermarkets is one of the parties interested to join the Swiss challenge relative to the much-contested plans to modernize the Baguio City Public Market.

4. Some recipients of prestigious awards have not done notable things for the public but they are only good at submitting good documentations and other requirements.

5. Former and current officials of an agency from the Cordillera are being declared as persona non grata by IPs in the south for their alleged graft and corrupt practices.

6. Incumbent officers of an indigenous peoples group are subject of petitions for alleged rigging of election results and questionable disbursements of the group’s funds.

7. One of the transport companies offering luxury travel with hefty fares either cancels or changes travel time due to bus breakdown if it notices only few reserved seats.

8. A former Cabinet secretary who does not know any better, should shut his mouth and avoid being a keyboard expert on mammoth of issues in the agriculture sector.

9.  A former official, a city resident, is incriminating himself for not following a policy on use of Kennon Road, as he travels in and out of Baguio using the shortest route.

10. Organizers of river clean-up drives must remind those who have open wounds not join to avoid contracting leptospirosis, which is a fatal infection.

11. The proposed diversion of confidential intelligence funds to agencies advancing the country’s sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea made this official enraged.

12. A police officer, who was once behind the fake news that he is the next PNP chief, is being accused of spreading lies against his former superior who doesn’t trust him.