March 4, 2024

1. A university official was asked to file for early retirement this month after selling a school lot property to a private buyer sans board approval.

2. The board of a state-run university earlier thought of filing an Ombudsman case against one of their officials for a unilateral act inimical to the institution.

3. One of the panelists in a public hearing has become a laughingstock for spreading lies while trying to assess public pulse on the presented proposals.

4. Several facilities intended for Filipinos have turned into exclusive centers for foreigners, especially those linked to illegal offshore gaming activities.

5. There was a surge in scam text messages sent even to registered SIM cards that are supposed to be protected under the SIM Registration Act.

6. A reclusive country is showing to the rest of Asian countries it has a better national sports program as proven by the number of Asian Games medals.

7. Fans around the world wondered why a famous Igorot fighter was not awarded the performance bonus following an impressive comeback win after five losses.

8. People or an office should be held accountable for negligence when a young student died after he slipped into an open drainage during incessant rains.

9. Contrary to the claims of proponents, the supposed program and technology that would help ease traffic woes in this urban area has not been effective.

10. This official has the habit of inventing stories that many sectors are praising his leadership due to efforts to curb corruption when bidding of projects are rigged.

11. Bringing to justice the suspects in the assassination of a lady lawyer will be an acid test to the PRO-Cor leadership with pressure from Malacañang.

12. Almost half of the people in attendance left the gallery when they realized that no free packed foods are available for them for attending a public consultation.