April 15, 2024
  1. City Hall officials insist their justification of the tactile pavement project despite the overwhelming concerns on safety of the tiles raised by the people they serve.
  2. Many netizens have disregarded decency and respect for the dignity of the female cadaver found in Baguio when her naked photos were shared in the social media.
  3. This local official has not been declared “unwelcome” in a known establishment that strictly observes the Covid-19 protocols for the safety of members and guests.
  4. The application of anti-slip coating on the tactile pavements means an additional expense on the government when such was not part of the original plan.
  5. Two trustees of an official were advised to lie low on their shopping spree, as some people within their circle know where the money they spent is coming from.
  6. The arrest of a local official due to his alleged link to drug trade confirms earlier intelligence report that someone is giving protection to the operation of a drug den.
  7. Parents and relatives of supposed “missing persons”, after seeking help from the public, should also be responsible in giving updates if their loved ones returned home.
  8. The minimum public health protocols, especially physical distancing, is no longer observed in outdoor and indoor areas even if Covid-19 cases and deaths are increasing.
  9. Many residents who are outside the A1 to A3 groups are willing to get their second booster shot while countless qualified residents are satisfied with first booster shot.
  10. The camp of a losing politician is consulting with experts on the planned filing of charges against poll officers who got ‘goodwill money’ from a winning politician.
  11. Some private schools are not admitting the alleged shortage of teachers, as many faculty members have opted to transfer to public schools where salaries are better.
  12. There is no truth to information that some establishments with cracks after the July 27 quake still operate without being assessed by experts to ensure soundness.