March 4, 2024

1. A regional executive who claims to be close to a former president is rumored in the agency to have no CESO eligibility for his current post.

2. The NBI did the right thing in warning the public about using AI-photo enhancement apps, as these could lead to identity theft and data breach.

3. A Palace official is observing self-restraint when he has not openly expressed his thoughts why there is mass withdrawal of COCs in a province.

4. Black propaganda even during the 2023 BSKE has shifted online with the creation of fake social media accounts purposely to demonize any aspirant.

5. A citizen has posted photos of a sub-standard project in a barangay, which is ruining the campaign for good governance of City Hall in social media.

6. This agency did the right move when it distanced itself from an ambassador who sometimes speaks faster than his brain just like his former benefactor.

7. The stoppage of multi-million infrastructure projects in this LGU is a sign that the campaign against sub-standard projects is not gaining ground.

8. Some religious leaders are not being included to speak in programs and events because of their tendency to preach, treating the crowd as their followers.

9. For a lawmaker to claim that public servants must not be onion-skinned and silencing critics in defense of his kin has become the best joke in town lately.

10. A survey on senatorial preference was not meant to raise funds for a research firm that added confusion to the public during the pandemic due to its surveys.

11. A contractor known for his generosity and kindness has not refused anyone who sought for financial aid every election period, including the 2023 BSKE.

12. Two mayors opted not to campaign for their preferred candidates for this year’s BSKE, as the aspirants for the same positions are either relatives or loyal backers.