March 4, 2024

1. One of the awardees of a lavish title by a novelty-award giving group has decided not to receive the award after it was made public he paid P40,000.

2. Two punong barangay-elect have already formed an alliance and are now making the rounds campaigning for the upcoming poll for ABC officials.

3. One of the country’s embassies was heavily criticized for its post about a Filipino performer who misrepresented the culture of IPs in Cordillera.

4. The novelty-award giving body, which does not know any better, opted to block thousands of netizens sharing or commenting on its latest awards.

5. A former Cabinet official is not losing hope he would be considered soon for a crucial Cabinet post even with the recent appointment of a DA chief.

6. PCSO got a lot of congratulatory messages from netizens as soon as it announced a young bettor has won P42 million as the public is skeptical about it.

7. The fund-raising activities during wakes in this barangay has become the milking cow of officials who continue with the activity even after the burial.

8. An IP group is projecting itself to be innocent from allegations ranging from misappropriation of funds while its officers violate the by-laws of the group.

9. The OVP made the right decision in withdrawing its proposed P500 million confidential intelligence fund since it might not also get Senate approval.

10. Two concerned Cordillera officials are ready to announce they do not suffer from life-threatening illnesses contrary to the claims of their political rivals.

11. Late reports have it that a staff of a ranking politician, a vice mayor, and a councilor have distributed P5,000 each to every barangay and SK aspirant.

12. The planned uniformed font for signage of business establishments proves that those at City Hall have no respect to the creativity of store owners.