March 2, 2024

1. Some of the plans and projects being presented to the public by this LGU are like classroom requirements which are not practical or feasible.

2. This known credit grabber was not even recognized during an exhibit of a world-class photographer after the former said he helped in the event.

3. Night establishments are recovering from low sales in the past months after people from all walks of life came up to this resort city the past three weeks.

4. This losing aspirant for punong barangay has opted to pursue some worthy projects, which he promised to the constituents during the recent 2023 BSKE.

5. Those denying to have not meddled in behalf of aspirants in the recent 2023 BSKE and elections of SK Federation leaders are also denying they lie.

6. A retired law enforcer does not mind being projected as a client for some Ponzi-like schemes because he receives monthly payment for being a decoy.

7. An establishment made good of its warning to its guests it will not allow entry of individuals who violate the code of conduct while inside its premises.

8. Baguio is one of the areas where countless individuals were victimized by companies operating Ponzi-like schemes or illegally selling investments.

9.  No amount of press releases will justify the continued use of public spaces for commercial events by private entities in exchange for low-cost projects.

10. Officials of this agency are losing their cool over this former purveyor of news for stepping on their shoes, instead of just sticking to his job description.

11. These new SKF officials should not issue a categorical statement confirming that two politicians hosted them in a high-end venue in exchange for favors.

12. One of the thrusts of a lawmaker in nearby province is to ensure the defeat of mayors who have the potential to run against him in the future elections.