July 25, 2024

1. Some of the plans and projects being presented to the public by this LGU are like classroom requirements since these are not practical or feasible.

2. A legislative chief in a nearby town is not into early campaigning for distributing sacks of rice to residents, courtesy of his benefactor-politician.

3. Karma paid hard for these officials who tried to meddle with the elections of SK Federation officials when their chosen aspirants lost by wide margins.

4. Some quarters want to be clarified if this official who solicited millions to run the campaign of the SK Federation aspirants properly used the fund.

5. It is a coincidence the President is in the United States for a six-day visit while the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas kicks off during Presidential visit.

6. The former President must fire his legal advisers for projecting he enjoys immunity and can simply ignore subpoenas to answer charges filed against him.

7. A ranking police officer, who enjoys being in the network of a Malacañang official, could be appointed to a juicier position despite the lack in credentials.

8. A lawmaker in this province has made sure to be the one administering the oath of office of SKF and ABC officials in preparation for the 2025 elections.

9. A self-proclaimed luminary has the habit of trying to associate himself to every prominent politician or personality when the public knows he is lying.

10. A former-ranking politician is becoming a laughing stock for his nonsense threats on possible destabilization plots following Congress’ action on CIF.

11. Troll farms in the south were revived by mysterious financiers to defend a former ranking official, who benefited from ‘fake news’ the past six years.

12. The results of the SKF elections where money did not reign supreme has inspired this young aspirant for ABC president not to give up on his dream.