February 22, 2024

1. There is no truth to information that some participants in this creative event were not paid during the last staging and such scenario might happen again.

2. There is no internal contest among coordinators or organizers of a creative festival when some equally important activities are being held at the same time.

3. The mouthpiece of this group that rakes in money for use of public spaces have been dispatching correspondences projecting the events are justified.

4. A City Hall official has not become the spokesman of trade fair organizers for finding justifications on the requests to use public spaces for commerce.

5. A confrontation that almost led to a fistfight between two officers has prompted Camp Crame to assign one of them to another region.

6. A group of individuals seeking publicity for its advocacy has not actually filed a case against the government after a photo-op with its allies.

7.  Peasants and the masses will be disturbed when the government discloses the frozen assets of three supposedly lowly citizens working for the people.

8. A self-proclaimed ‘servant of God’ is closely monitored by government agents for his alleged collusion in Ponzi-like scheme with countless victims.

9. A ranking public official known for his uncompromising principle showed civility with political rivals when they joined the public in a recent festival.

10. A self-styled social media influencer has been attending events with sense of entitlement for ensuring mandatory photo-ops only with officials and VIPs.

11. Some officials of a reputable learning institution were given a gag order not to discuss with anyone details about the charges lodged against the boss.

12. A self-appointed PR officer of a group cornering projects and events is not hiding from individuals whom he promised compensation for helping him out.