May 23, 2024

1. Two LGUs in the Cordillera have prepared justifications on why they were not listed in the prestigious 2023 Seal of Local Good Governance awardees.

2. The number of active rebels in the Cordillera has been greatly reduced to only 20 following series of surrenders to avail of the intergration program.

3. A school official embroiled in graft and other administrative charges has promoted se-veral employees recently in a bid to gain allies and support.

4. The silence of a law enforcement office over the killing of a hapless mom may result in the immediate solution of the case with the arrest of suspects.

5. The known fixer of infrastructure projects to ensure the SOP of an official is delivered on time is not harboring ill feeling towards renegade contractors.

6. This City Hall employee has no share from the proceeds of trade fairs that are being allowed in public spaces, including premier parks within the CBD.

7. Some controversial activities in this LGU are being implemented by virtue of a ‘special order’ alone even without the confirmation of the sanggunian.

8. Two LGUs in Benguet and Mountain Province have been reaping national awards but their officials remain humble while ensuring good governance.

9.  The opposition bloc on the planned redevelopment of the city market is planning to seek help from a local billionaire who has a soft spot for the poor.

10. A newly minted public servant stopped serving high-end liquor and food to three fellow officials who claimed to be behind the election of the former.